Tuesday, August 08, 2006

basic work posture

The following contents are the basic work posture that I thought about
as a designer. i think each one of them is very important. Ivtake no
account of priority.

1.Can you say "There is no mistake any more"? Concentrate on checking
the mistake.

2.Have a curious mind vigorously.

3.It is necessary to execute your decision at once.

4.Do not worry about the failure. Look for the cause of the failure and
never make the same mistakes again.

5.Look at their eyes when you talk to people and listen to what they
say. Go thoroughly into the unknown thing.

6.Do not be late for the deadline.

7.You should make a lot of friends whose level is higher than you.

8.Value your work, your home and your friend, etc. from the bottom of
your heart.

9.Do not show a puzzled expression on your face.

10.Make an effort until you can accomplish your goal.


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