Monday, January 14, 2008

Lovely Father

Don't know why,suddenly, I wanna write something about my father.My lovely father.!.
I have a lot of memories mith him.
Actually, one thing I like from him is he never judging me. He always has a reason for what he did or what he said.

I remember when everybody asked about my English course. Of course they asked about the cost, what they served for the student, and so forth.
Most of people had same reaction when I told them how much I paid for that course -- they were surprised.
But my father had different opinion, he smiled at me and said "It's good for you. You should prepare your self for your future and your family"
Wao... !! I love you pap.

When nobody believed in me,might be only my parent could understand me.
When nobody believed in what my father's said, I believed it. Because I knew what the reason.
When nobody allowed me to ate chocolate, my father gave me my favourite chocolate with a note of course :)

Even he could be stuborn sometimes, it's not a big deal for me. But might be a big problem for someone else, hehehe.

One sentence I wanna say is "I love you and thank you" :)

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